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Mayfair Veterinary Staff

Every member of the Mayfair Animal Hospital Staff is dedicated to making your and your pet's visit with us as comfortable as possible. Each and every member of our staff is highly trained to help you in all areas of our hospital. We pride ourselves in our staff's diverse background and training as each of them have something unique to offer you and your pet.


Heidi – Assistant Manager

Heidi has been working with Mayfair Animal Hospital & Emergency for nearly four years, currently the Assistant Manager. Heidi has an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement., but she is currently studying Criminology and Law at Marquette University. She has an 11 year old German Shepherd named Charlie, and two cats, Simon and Squirrel. When she's not working or at school, Heidi enjoys going up north, taking her dog swimming, and growing pumpkins!


Katie – Certified Veterinary Technician

Katie grew up near Green Bay, WI and attended Globe University to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. She moved to Milwaukee in October of 2014 and found her workplace home at Mayfair in December of 2015. In her spare time she enjoys discovering new restaurants, attending live music events, and baking. Katie’s fur-family includes Valentine, an 8 year old border collie, and Fezzik, a spunky 3 year old rescue cat.


Sara L. – Certified Veterinary Technician

Sara has been working with animals for 10+ years! She received her degree in Veterinary Technology in October of 2015, becoming certified shortly after in December of that year. Sara says, “I have a passion for my career and am grateful to be working at such a great clinic.” One of her long-term goals is to give back by volunteering in veterinary medicine abroad, helping patients in need of pet care and spay/neuter services.


Marin – Certified Veterinary Technician

Marin is a Certified Veterinary Technician and has been working in the field for two+ years. After graduating from UW-Milwaukee, Marin managed a humane society in Northern Wisconsin before going back to school to get a degree in veterinary technology. Marin has experience in wildlife rehabilitation, zoological care and shelter medicine. Marin loves being back in Milwaukee and is the proud owner of three cats. She has been with Mayfair since July of 2016.


Janie – Certified Veterinary Technician

Janie attended Milwaukee Career College and graduated in May of 2015. She’s been with Mayfair since September of 2015 and recently passed her licensing exam to become a Certified Veterinary Technician! She has two dogs – Pongo is a 10 year old Chihuahua and Emma is a 4 year old miniature pincher mix.



Emily has been working in the veterinary field for over eight years and with Mayfair since November of 2013. Emily has a specific passion for emergency medicine (as well as love for her own dog and daughter!) She is currently studying towards a degree in Marketing and hopes to one day work for an international animal health company.



Christina originally started her career within veterinary medicine in Las Vegas, but eventually made her way back home to Wisconsin (and we’re glad she did!) Christina says, "I have always had love for animals, so much that I am the type to cross a busy street in the pouring rain to run two blocks to love on a dog I saw out of the corner of my eye."



Bri is out #1 pitbull lover here at Mayfair Animal Hospital & Emergency! She has been in the veterinary field for the past four years. She graduated with honors from a local Milwaukee college in 2014. She used to raise and train American Quarter Horses. Nowadays, you can find Bri riding her motorcycle, playing with her own pitbull, or spending time with family and friends.



Marissa is one of our evening assistants and has been with Mayfair Animal Hospital & Emergency since November of 2015. She “shares custody” with her mom for her two “girls” – Cocoa and Cinnamon (her dogs!)



Roxanne has been in the veterinary field for two years and with Mayfair since November of 2015. She has a Pomeranian named Wolfie and two cats, Dexter and Renry. In her spare time she enjoys playing cards with her family and watching Netflix. Roxanne is also an exceptional childcare provider when she’s not working here – she can put a smile on anyone’s face!



Megan has always adored animals; she has experience in dog training/handling and is now exploring veterinary medicine. She has been with Mayfair since May of 2016. Megan grew up being an avid outdoors-woman with a strong passion for sciences and the environment. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Conservation at UW-Milwaukee. She has one dog, Suki, a five year old Border Collie who loves to tag along on all the outdoor adventures!


Sarah W.

Sarah graduated from Fox College in Illinois in 2014, where she studied to become a veterinary technician. She has been with Mayfair since May of 2016 and is currently studying to become a board-certified technician. Sarah has two cats, two dogs, and a rabbit! In the past, Sarah has even worked with donkeys, goats, and chickens!



Hailey joined the Mayfair team in the summer of 2016. Hailey has loads of previous experience working with both small and large animals in a variety of clinical and recreational settings. She is currently going to school for Occupational Therapy and hopes to use her cats and future dogs in practice.



Jordan will never work a day in her life as long as she’s with animals and joined Mayfair in December of 2016. Jordan says, “Animals bring me an inner peace that I can’t find anywhere else, so aiding in their care and well-being fills my life with purpose.” When Jordan’s not working with animals here, she’s at home walking her two dogs and one of her cats (yes, one cat goes on actual walks!) As long as she has animals and nature, she’s a happy camper!